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Gill Coleby

Psychotherapist & Counsellor



I am an experienced integrative psychotherapist and I offer a warm, supportive and confidential space where individuals and couples can explore their difficulties.  I believe therapy is all about empowering you to make choices and finding ways to change those things that can feel impossible and overwhelming.  There are many different styles of therapy that can help people change – but for the change to become a new habit and happen naturally the changes need to be integrated inside and this is why the therapeutic relationship is so important.  Feeling the genuine warmth and regard of another human, being heard and supported in a confidential space is the glue that binds the change so that you can live your life in the best possible way.


I have 20 years experience of working both long and short term with adults and couples and this may be face to face,  or via Skype,  Facetime or on the phone.  All clients are offered an assessment session to determine which type of therapy would best suit these requirements.


As an integrative therapist I believe everyone is different and so I incorporate a range of approaches in order to best meet the client's needs and difficulties.  Examples of these different styles are:


  • Cognitive behavioural therapy CBT

  • Neuro linguistic psychotherapy NLP

  • EMDR

  • Relational counselling

  • Therapeutic hypnosis

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